Products & Equipment Portfolio

Mack Global is your one-stop procurement contractor for janitorial supplies, industrial machinery, aggregates and raw materials, and a vast selection of other products and equipment. Our clients include commercial firms as well as local, state, and federal agencies like Tidewater Community College, Pegasus Cleaning Corporation, VA Dept. of Elections, and the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, for whom we’ve supplied products ranging from NavBoards and tactical gear accessories to watertight doors.

Our goal is to provide quality, reliable products with competitive pricing. Our manufacturers and suppliers are reputable companies whose principles align well with our customer-focused objectives. When we agree upon a production schedule, our priority is to meet it. We understand the critical nature of supply to our customers and we take pride in our on-time performance.

What sets us apart with our product and equipment portfolio? Project management expertise. Mack Global brings decades of project management experience. Our staff will shepherd your project from start to finish, no matter the scope or complexity. We are experienced in managing large projects and have held government roles including contract administrators, program managers, and budget managers. We are also accustomed to partnering with government agencies, private companies and other contractors to get the job done.

Our product portfolio is comprised of a wide range of supplies.

 Product Portfolio

  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Tactical and Training Equipment
  • Aggregates /Raw Materials
  • Industrial Machinery

Mack Global offers a vast product portfolio. Please email or call (804) 836-8858 to obtain more information or inquire about specific products or equipment we provide.