Project Management

Mack Global brings decades of project management experience. Our staff will shepherd your project from concept to completion, no matter the scope or complexity. We are experienced in managing large projects and have held government roles including contract administrators, program managers, and budget managers. We are also accustomed to partnering with government agencies, private companies and other contractors to get the job done.

Our first priority is to listen to our clients in order to truly understand your project goals and objectives. We believe one of the most important aspects of effective project management is being consistently engaged. We are partners with our clients and our role is to help clients understand how all of the moving pieces can be managed, organized, structured and tracked for effective and successful project implementation and completion.

We integrate the following key components that contribute to our success as project managers:

  • Proactive contemplation to anticipate challenges
  • Inclusion of key stakeholders from the beginning of the project
  • Well organized approach for maximum efficiency
  • Strategic and practical guidance for effective problem resolution
  • Skilled facilitation during meetings and conference calls
  • Budgetary forecasting and estimating accuracy
  • Detailed timelines outlining tasks and deliverables
  • Thorough meeting minutes and status updates
  • Assigned action items to team members with required deadlines
  • Proficient use of resources
  • Comprehensive presentations and reports
  • Targeted customer satisfaction objective