familyFaith and family are integral to our personal and business values at Mack Global. Providing youth and family services is an honor and a privilege that we do not take lightly. We work with military bases across the country to provide religious youth and family services and we are thrilled to embark on this important journey of faith, growth and development with these young people and their families.

Our experienced team of coordinators and chaplains are passionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic. Our programs offer youth a safe and meaningful place to discuss important topics, grow and develop spiritually, build healthy relationships and simply hang out with their peers. Bible studies and youth meetings are designed to provide opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development. Our aim is to encourage youth to develop their sense of identity and belonging and enable them to flourish individually within their communities and as citizens in a diverse society and global community.

Our youth services are uniquely designed to help young people develop a sense of identity and belonging as well as strong moral values through faith, fellowship and community service. The program is intended to engage not only youth, but their families and the entire military community.

With approximately 500,000 teenagers located at military bases and installations across the United States, our goal is to help empower these youth to better cope with adolescence and provide them with positive, Christian guidance to develop their passion in a fun atmosphere.