teleworkMack Global is a complete telework solutions provider offering consulting services on telework program implementation and expansion. We help leaders make lasting, distinctive and substantial improvements to the performance of their organizations by providing the strategic planning and training to empower employees to work remotely in the most effective way possible. We are trusted advisors for establishing successful telework programs and helping companies reap the benefits of remote work, including significant cost savings, increased productivity and employee retention.

Our team of experts has worked with many government agencies, nonprofits and other organizations to establish robust telework programs, helping them understand the benefits and requirements for remote work and navigate past challenges to effectively ensure success. Telework program benefits include increased continuity of operations, improved recruitment and retention, increased productivity, work-life balance, reduced real estate and overhead impacts, and positive environmental impacts.

Mack Global can conduct a telework assessment for your organization and show you how to better monitor and manage your assets for optimal performance. We provide management and employee training, develop policies and agreements and create tools and metrics for measurable results. Our team helped the U.S. Food and Drug Administration increase its utilization of telework and alternative office strategies. And as part of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Telework!VA initiative, Mack Global has provided technical assistance to businesses to implement or expand telework programs in Northern Virginia in order to reduce commuter traffic congestion.

We also have expertise in developing Continuity of Operation Plans (COOP) and provide training in COOP, disaster planning and rapid recovery.